Discover the other Italy 

Discover the other italy _Olives

Experience the many treasures of southern Italy on our 10 day tour. Columbus World Travel, along with Orazio Scaldaferri of Orazio’s Olive Oil, wants you to discover the other Italy. Visit, explore and see southern Italy. Embrace your inner Italian by exploring the olive side of Italy.

Included in the tour

  • Cooking classes, Thermal baths and visit ancient villages.
  • Immerse yourself in the olive oil making process.
  • Pick and taste fresh capers and oregano.
  • Picnic in Italy’s largest National Park.
  • Visit traditional workshops and factories.
  • Watch bocconcini being made.
  • Winery tours and tastings.


Paris Your Way 


Take advantage of a full week to explore the attractions of Paris! Enjoy worry- free transportation and access to all the Parisian monuments and attractions with an unlimited travel pass and a no-queue card. Take a cruise on the Seine, taste some wines and tour the city on a double-decker bus using an information booklet. 

London Your Way


London is filled with must-see monuments and attractions that draw millions of visitors from around the globe, year after year. Thanks to your included passes, you’ll get to experience all the highlights and discover one of the world’s most visited cities on your own.

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