Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance: Columbus World Travel provides two options in travel insurance. Assuring you are getting the best coverage during your vacation. 

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We want to assure that our clients are protected when traveling. Our office has three companies to choose from. This assures that our clients have the right policy that best fits their needs. Having insurance is a piece of mind when aboard.

Types of Insurance Policies that can be purchased:

  • Cancellation & Trip Interruption
  • USA Plan
  • Non- USA Plan
  • Medial Plans
    • Annual & Single
    • Visitors to Canada
    • International Students
  • All – Inclusive Holiday Package
  • Baggage Plan
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • Flight Accident
  • Rental Car Collision Damage Protection
  • Yearly Medical Policies

After the age of 60 all clients are to fill out a medical questionnaire to be able to purchase insurance.
Insurance is based on age and health of the individual.

For further inquiries and questions:
☎︎ 604-255-7781   ☎︎ Toll Free 1-800-661-8005