Spring Break Destinations for Grownups

Congratulations you made it through the holidays. Now do something for yourself by planning an adult Spring Break that you can look forward to while it’s still chilly outside. Because really, why should kids have all the fun? Hear are a few popular beach spots and some emerging alternatives for 2017.

2016: Costa Rica
The Central America country continues to break its own world record in running purely on renewable energy, confirming even more its reputation for “pura vida”. Thanks to its cleanliness and reasonable safety, Costa Rica has long been a first time traveler, beginner-freindly destination, but its popularity means that it may be a spot that is better to visit during the rainy season that lasts until April.

2017: Nicaragua
A less developed destination is Nicaragua, with fewer zip lines and crowds, it’s worth considering. In addition to volcanos and gorgeous beaches, this country has a few undiscovered spots, lik the eco-conscious Jicaro Island Ecolodge and the more artsy Rancho Santana. You should plan a visit soon before developers start cutting the country in half with the construction of the Nicaragua Canal, that if completed , will forever destroy its fragile ecosystem.

2016: The Bahamas
Due to the easy access of flights to Nassau, the islands have long been popular with college and university students. You can still have a wonderful experience, especially at resorts like Kamalame Cay and the One & Only Ocean Club, winners of many awards.

2017: Jamaica
I’d recommend Jamaica as the place to unwind and recharge, Even if you are not the type to laze on a beach all day, the eclectic food scene is a must for adventurous foodies. This island has plenty to offer grownups looking for some R&R, from the Spice Bathing Ritual at the Rockhouse, or a seaweed wrap at Jake’s Hotel or the invigorating Blue Mountain Coffee scrub at the GoldenEye located in a sleepy lagoon on the northeast coast.

2016: Aruba

A gem in the Dutch Caribbean’s Lesser Antilles, Aruba has long been a favourite with its welcoming hotels and its temparate climate…a perfect destination for those who don’t want any surprises when traveling.

2017: Turks & Caicos

If you are looking for a place that has less crowds, the Turks and Caicos are for you. With only 8 of the 40 islands being inhabited, you’ll be sure to some quiet cove or beach.  If you leave Providenciales behind and head to Como Parrot Bay, you can explore the 1000 acre private island, or take a short 25  minute flight and check out the newly minted Sailrock Resort that opened last month. This resort will be your home base as you discover the unspoiled 8.2 square miles of South Caicos with the world’s third largest coral reef.

2016: Los Cabos, Mexico
This gem on the tip if Baja California Sur is a mecca for Spring Break. It’s been two years since Hurricane Odile created havoc in the area, all the resorts are completely restored and ready for you.

2017: Costalegre, Mexico
For a much more exclusive Mexican experience, head south of Pureto Vallarta, there you will find “Mexico’s Virgin Coast” overflowing with beaches, lagoons and untouched jungles. Preserving this region’s pristine flora and honoring some of the world’s greatest biodiversity are a couple of splendid resorts worth mentioning in the area are the Las Alamandas, with its 16 suites overlooking four private beaches and the Cuixmala, built in a Moorish inspired style and flanked by 25,000 acres of rare tropical forest

2016: St. Lucia
St. Lucia is home to the Pitons, a pair of volcanic spires, designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, a collection of endemic plants and birds, and coastal rain forests and mountainous rainforests humming with wildlife and musical waterfalls.

This Spring, the light shines brightest on the other end of the Caribbean’s string of islands: Anguilla.This island has remained wonderfully underdeveloped for a very long time, this eel-shaped islet has a few 5 star hotels worth mentioning, including The Reef by Cuisin Art which grows its ingredients from the property’s own hydroponic farm